Books are part of everyone's life. Doesn’t matter how small or big we are, we all need books almost in every stage of life. Books are the first best friends and they stay with us all life long as knowledge and experience. But unfortunately, not all of us can afford the books. Well, is there something which we can do ? Yes, Let's share them ! 

What is BookCentral ? 

BookCentral is a free platform to connect Book Seekers with Book Givers, wherein we provide information about books posted by other users, allowing a free exchange of books/reading materials. We at BookCentral are proud to help the Book Seekers to search & find books of they need and the Book Givers to donate their books. We are determined to see that everyone, regardless of their economic conditions, have access to much needed books and can excel in their education. 

How it works ? 

In few simple steps, you can give or get the books you want to. All for free. 

For Book Givers: 

  1. First, sign up with BookCentral.in! Anyone who has access to a valid email address can register.
  2. List the books you want to give, by providing book details, pictures etc. Only registered users are allowed to post listings, so please login with your registered email address.
  3. Your book listing will be available on BookCentral.in, allowing Book Seekers to search and find your books.
  4. Intersted Book Seeker will contact you using BookCentral.in
  5. Co-ordinate with Book Seeker, for pickup / drop off of the books at mutually convinient date/time/location.
  6. Give the books you wanted to.

For Book Seekers: 

  1. Search & find the book you need. You can do this either by going through the categories or via search.
  2. Contact the Book Giver using the Contact User form on the book listing at BookCentral.in
  3. Co-ordinate with Book Giver, for pickup / drop off of the books at mutually convinient date/time/location. 
  4. Get the books you wanted to.

Word of caution 

There are a few safety guidelines which would help you - 

  1. Please do not reveal any personal information in your listing other than your email address & mobile number (optional).
  2. Kindly refrain from posting false listing on the grounds of pranking or fooling. Inappropiate listings will be blocked.
  3. The two parties are advised to speak to each other and come to an agreement before proceeding with the book exchange. BookCentral.in is not responsible for any miscommunication or  disagreement between the two parties.
  4. We strongly recommend to choose time/location you feel safe and comfortable with, while picking up / dropping off the books. Try to meet up at a shop or at a public place.

We hope you will find BookCentral helpful. Your feedback is important to us, please email us at hello@BookCentral.in