Get Involved

We at are determined to see that everyone, regardless of their economic conditions, have access to much needed books and can excel in their education. 
Together we can make a difference. Together we can provide access to free books for those in need, and strengthen our communities. 

So how can you help ? 

There are several ways you can help, being part of vision. 

Be Generous 

Let's show some generosity for this noble cause. Share the books that you have read & no longer use with those in needs. Register to for free and list all your unused books. 

Spread the word 

Be the champion for the cause by generating awareness about in your community. Invite your family, friends, colleagues, everyone you know to join

Join for others 

Even if you may not have books to give, you can still help. You will find many around people/children around you, who are in need for books to pursue their academics. They may not have resources to connect with internet and use Join for them and help them to find the books they need. 

Share Your Story 

Find helpful? Send us your story so we can share it with the community. is a free platform to connect Book Seekers with Book Givers, wherein we provide information about books posted by other users, allowing a free exchange of books / reading materials. We at are proud to help the Book Seekers to search & find books they need and the Book Givers to donate their books.